Who puts on the festival?

The festival is organized by a number of Wetaskiwin area churches, other community partners and sponsors, working together with Fusion Canada.

How much does it cost to attend the festival?

It’s absolutely free!

Can I just drop my kids off?

Because this is a community festival, we encourage families to participate together. We will not be providing hands-on childcare, but opportunities for people to connect and build community. All children are under the care, supervision and responsibility of their caregivers.

Can kids volunteer?

Kids under the age of 13 may volunteer at a station alongside a parent, guardian or caregiver.

What if my organization would like to get involved?

We welcome your participation. Please contact us by email.

Can I volunteer with the festival and get school credit or community hours?

The answer is YES. Of course, we will have to clarify a few details. Why not contact us?